Wednesday, 28 May 2014

ConfigMgr 2012/1E Nomad - Downloading (0% complete)

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This was tricky to solve. Everything looked correct. ConfigMgr 2007 and 1E Branch Nomad clients had been installed on several computers. The ConfigMgr clients were upgraded to 2012. Boundaries and boundary groups were correct. Yet, in Software Center, all content was stuck on Downloading (0% complete) (updates, packages etc.)

In normal ConfigMgr 2012 operation, content is downloaded directly to the cache (C:\Windows\ccmcache) and executed from there. In testing, I uninstalled the Nomad Branch client and the process worked perfectly. However, when the Nomad client was installed again the problem re-occurred. 

In a correctly operating "ConfigMgr + Nomad Branch" client the content should be downloaded to the ConfigMgr cache and transferred immediately to the Nomad Cache (ProgramData\1E\NomadBranch). At this point execution takes place. Strangely enough, the content was being transferred to the Nomad cache but never installed. Also, ConfigMgr did not know that the content had been downloaded and the Software Center did not report correctly.

Nomad uses CcmCTMNotification.dll to provide status updates to the ConfigMgr client. A review of the Nomad log files revealed that version 4.0.xx of this file was reporting on the effected clients. This is a 2007 file. The 2012 version should read 5.0.x.x. It seems that the file was locked by Nomad during the ConfigMgr client upgrade process and could not be deleted.

The issue was resolved by deleting the C:\Windows\System32\CCM folder and rebooting the computer (note that this is the 2007 location, the 2012 client uses C:\Windows\CCM). All content could then be downloaded and installed.

Note that this issue only occurred on 60 of 1000 computers.


  1. You are absolute genius!! I know this post is late and the issue is a bit different from mine but it worked. I deleted that folder. Restarted the laptop and opened Software Center and immediately the first program in the grouped started downloading. Thanks for the solution man!! Saved me alot of work,

  2. I tried to delete folder C:\Windows\CCM but cannot delete. It says other program is using it. I closed all programs and also restarted computer but couldn't delete this folder

    Can someone help me understand what program might be using it?


    1. Why would you want to delete this folder? It's the SCCM 2012 client folder and it is use by this application.

  3. We use Client 2012 and have the Donwloading 0% Problem. Which folder we have to delete? C:\Windows\CCM?

    1. No, absolutely not. If you don't use Nomad and didn't upgrade from SCCM 2007 then you don't have the same problem that I described here. You have to troubleshoot.